Our Artists

Here are some of the artists that we show on the boat.
Contact us if you want to see more work by any of the artists.

  • Audrey Hepburn a painting by Jake Chodosh

    Jake Chodosh

    Jake loves to explore London, put together 3d puzzles and watch Disney classics. However, he is at his happiest when painting.
    You can see his website here.

  • Soon be home - a painting by Paul Clarke

    Paul Clarke

    Paul’s paintings are of seemingly familiar places. Landscapes that evoke memories through their simplicity and use of colour, set at the most important and fascinating times of the day: dawn and dusk.

    See his website here

  • Regal on The Throne by Natalie Priest

    Natalie Priest

    Natalie produces her artwork on an iPad and in acrylic on canvas. She writes short stories, often about life with an ASD and other disabilities. She then animates the stories on an iPad and publishes them on Youtube.  She is currently studying for an MA in animation.

  • Lady With Sword by Andi Pulford

    Andi Pulford

    Andi produces a wide range of artwork including portraits, animals, fish and flowers often woven together in intricate designs. He is a licensed tattoo artist and much of his work resembles popular tattoo culture.

  • Ollie - a drawing by Becky Radcliffe

    Becky Radcliffe

    Becky lives in Bury and has only recently rekindled her interest in drawing. Her love for animals, particularly dogs, shows in her pencil drawings, where she captures their cute expressions.

    Becky has completed numerous successful commissions, and has many satisfied clients and pet owners.

  • My Grandmother by Joshua Louis

    Joshua Louis

    Joshua specialises in portraiture, and works a couple of days a week as an assistant to a professional portrait painter.

  • Bethan Radburn

    Bethan lives in North West Liverpool. She produces images of animals, fish and insects in interesting designs. She is also a volunteer puppy walker for the Guide Dogs for the Blind, steering the puppy through it’s first months of training.

  • Teaching by Thomas Manzur

    Thomas Manzur

    Thomas lives in Andover, Hampshire. He uses an iPad to design and illustrates childrens’ books with a Dragon theme. He now has a website called guardragons.

  • Forest Floor - a painting by Helen O' Brien

    Helen O’Brien

    Helen lives in South Manchester. Her artwork comprises detailed mythical botanical studies, gardens and intricate ladies gowns.

  • The Puzzle Clown - a drawing by Lawrie Yates

    Lawrie Yates

    Lawrie lives in Radcliffe and attends an art course at a college in nearby Bury. He works in various media exploring the emotions of circus clowns, robots and monsters.